Monday, April 2, 2012

Election Eve Thoughts

Last week I was struck by the irony that in Anchorage many pastors and church leaders marched side by side in one of the many “Choose Respect” marches across Alaska.  Here we are in this photo.  And yet we are divided on another social issue about whether gay, lesbian, and transgender people should have the same rights as heterosexuals. 

I find it fascinating that many Christians define their Christianity with a long list of “must believes” like the virgin birth, bodily resurrection of Christ, inerrant view of the Bible, rejection of homosexuality and abortion, and so on.  Maybe one of the big reasons people think the church version of Christianity is irrelevant is because they really like Jesus’ list.  They get it.  Love God.  Love your neighbor. 

Today Anchorage voters will decide on Proposition 5 which seeks to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender identity.  Those who oppose this are not arguing the merits of legal protection, but are claiming it is the slippery slope that will lead to large fines and pastors being thrown in jail.  Fear, distortion, and distraction.

Why can’t we trust Jesus’ list?  It’s not that hard to define.  I guess it’s just hard to actually do it.

Grace Always,

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