Monday, March 26, 2012

High Pressure Culture of Giving

Kim and I are receiving more and more phone calls from call centers asking for more of our money.  What is it about hearing in the background dozens of other conversations that immediately makes me want to zip tight my wallet?  And what is it about making a single donation to a charity that forever puts you on an email or call list?

We donated money last fall to a charity helping with the African famine because my brother in Ohio who is a pastor had asked.  Since then we receive weekly emails and some phone calls.  Last week after I listened to their pitch I explained the reason why we were on their list.  I stated that we give regularly to church and charities and do not want to give anymore to them.  I was calm and invited the woman to pass this feedback to the proper person in their organization.  What is irksome is that often people do not accept my response.  They are trained to keep us on the line and ask if we will give a lesser amount.

So why can’t I just interrupt such pitches so they can go on to the next person?  I cannot bring myself to hang up but I often feel like doing so.  Is this anything close to your experience?  How do you handle such calls? 

Finally, it makes me wonder how new people view our passing of the offering plates.  In this kind of high pressure giving culture how do we approach giving in church?  Some churches make a point of saying that new people are not asked to give.  What are your thoughts on this?

Grace and peace,

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