Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Different Ways to Relate to God

Recently I led a men's retreat at Hope and introduced Corinne Ware's book on Spiritual Temperament.  The best thing about her book is the notion that we are all wired to relate to God differently.  Religious people have long tried to mold people into a particular way of being spiritual.  Mainliners want to think deeply about God.  Evangelicals want to feel God's presence.  Mystics want people to shut up in the presence of God.  And Crusaders want to take their faith into the social sphere and work for justice.

Once we discover our particular path or wiring we can free ourselves from the guilt of trying to be something we are not.  We all still need to experience the fullness of God from perspectives that don't appear to be natural.  But knowing our preference can free us to dive deeper as we plumb the depths of God.

Grace Always,

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