Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dibbles for Lent

I was privileged to do the children’s sermon last Sunday and talked about a dibble. I showed them a green wooden dibble and talked about how it is used to poke holes In the ground for planting seeds. Lent is a great time to allow the ground of our being to be poked! What new or old practice is a dibble for your spiritual growth? Could it be reading the Upper Room every day during Lent? Could it be writing a care note every day to someone who needs encouragement? Could it be kneeling in prayer every night before you sleep?

Sometimes people are “dibbles” to us. Who is your dibble? Perhaps it may be a family member or close friend. Maybe it could be a person who regularly irritates you. What can you learn from giving permission for someone to poke a hole in your soul?

Lent is a time for our souls to become aerated, to make room for a green plant to grow in our lives. As we make this journey together I invite you to consider such a “dibble” in your life.