Sunday, April 27, 2008

General Conference - Day 5

I got sick last night and was able to have Jim Doepken sit in my seat this morning so I could sleep in. Am feeling much better. Attended my legislative committee dealing with superintendents and bishops. Then some of us in the western jurisdiction heard about a petition to have each jurisdiction pay for their own bishops. If passed this would mean we would go from 6 to 3 bishops in the west. It would no doubt weaken our connection and lessen our leadership potential.

We were entertained tonight with the Texas Boy's Choir and food. I told Rev. Kay Shock that if she got on the bull to have her picture taken I would give $100 to Nothing But Nets. She actually did it!!! Gotta find my checkbook!

God is good!

Friday, April 25, 2008

General Conference

Third day and sleep deprivation is definitely setting in. More inspirational worship and sermons. Most of our time is spent in legislative committees. I'm in the Superintendency Committee interested in defeating a proposal to reduce bishops. We voted today to raise the mandatory retirement age of a bishop from 66 to 68. We'll see how it progresses through the system. Lots of positive energy. Hopefully it will last throughout the conference. I'm also getting some new ideas for St. John's future and worship life.

Still glad to be here.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

General Conference in Ft. Worth

Opening worship for the 2008 General Conference was unbelievably powerful for me. Usually it is hard for preachers who lead worship to worship themselves. I found myself weeping throughout this two-hour worship service. The mass choir, dancers, visual images, procession of the bishops, and holy communion helped to move my spirit into the holy presence of God. With over 6500 worshipping United Methodists from all over the world I was given a glimpse of what heaven must be like when God's people come together to experience God.

The communion table, altar table, and pulpit were crafted from buildings destroyed by hurricane Katrina. These were powerful symbols that God can and will redeem suffering. From death comes resurrection.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep them coming.