Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

We preachers tend to think about what we preach about. Yesterday's sermon was on resolutions. I've been thinking more about the notion of failing at how we want to improve our lives. When it comes to the growth of our soul, that which needs our attention will continue to present itself to our awareness. In other words, the development of our spiritual lives will not be solved by a one-time resolution. The issue will keep coming at us over and over again. Part of the spiritual solution is to not expect easy or final answers.

Someone once defined maturity as "realizing the most important lessons in life are the ones we thought we already knew." So why are we surprised when an issue we thought was solved comes back? We also are tempted to seek new solutions to these old problems thinking it is like other problems in American life: it must need a new solution since the old solutions don't work! What a trap! The answers always lie deep in the heart of God's grace.

Grace and peace,