Monday, January 18, 2010

Northern Light/Douglas/First, Anchorage

Northern Light
Except for St. John I believe Northern Light had the most people at their annual meeting. Here we are singing an opening hymn.

Interim Pastor Kim Poole is guiding this church through their transition and new life is springing forth. Since this is a union church Dr. David Dobler from the Southeast Presbytery joined me in leadership.

What a delightful experience for me to be with Douglas Community UMC across the bay from Juneau. Pastor Imelda Ramos shared a slide show with pictures from the past year with an emphasis on the saints who went to glory. Did you know they prepare a breakfast for children FIVE days a week? Pastor Imelda is leaving this summer to move to California to attend seminary for her D.Min. I am working with SPRC on their pastoral transition.

First, Anchorage
Pastor Debra Lindsay-Hudgins had me preaching at their two morning services which was quite fun for me. The outreach ministries of this church are many and varied. IN spite of some struggles they were able to give 100% of their apportionments!
Here is a clip of Deb sharing a message with the children.

Last week I conducted my very first introduction with Peter Perry and St. John SPRC. As you might imagine it was a bit strange to do this for my former church, but very gratifying to see this new relationship develop.

This week is a 5-day trip to Phoenix for Western Jurisdictional meetings. Then my last charge conference with Jewel Lake Parish next Sunday.

Grace and peac,

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