Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ketchikan, Sitka, and Aldersgate

My time with the people of First UMC, Ketchikan was wonderful. This church is moving forward with mission, local outreach, Christian education, and hospitality. Pastors Teri and Ev Erbele are leading this church into a new chapter of vitality. We've all heard about Pigs on a Mission. Did you know that they have a birthday blessing where you give a dollar for every year of age on your birthday? These funds go towards their apportionment giving!

Flying in a rainstorm to Sitka was the bumpiest flight of my entire flying career! My time in Sitka was brief but rich. Pastor Luther Oconer has started a new Filipino ministry that is embraced by the church. One of their new members talked with me about ordained ministry. I did not get much time to play with little Ilena Oconer but she is a wonderful little girl.

I went from rain to snow as I made the 25 minute flight from Sitka to Juneau. Monday was spent with Aldersgate UMC in Juneau. Pastor Judy Shook continues to provide excellent leadership as they celebrated all the various and vital ministries over the past year. They showed a nice photo presentation of the year's events.

Tonight is Northern Light and tomorrow is Douglas. Nearly done with charge conferences. I am so impressed with what God is doing in and through all of our churches.

Til next time.

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