Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Watch this Video

When it comes to understanding the history and culture of native people I think those of us in the dominant culture in America have much to learn.  At the General Conference of the United Methodist Church An Act of Repentance towards Healing Relationships with Indigenous Peoples was held April 27.  I won't share the highlights here but will simply invite us all to do two things.

1. Watch the video of Dr. George Tinker, native American theologian.

2. Engage one another in dialogue about ways Alaskans can be part of healing relationships with native people in Alaska.

Please....watch the video which includes Dr. Tinker's address and the entire service, and let the conversations happen in your church and community.  Pastors and lay leaders...please forward this link to your congregations and ask them to watch it as well.


Grace Always,

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