Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Powerful Questions

Last week I attended a coaching training event with Bishop Grant, PNW cabinet, and other PNW leaders in Seattle.  It was a remarkable learning experience and I learned much about listening.  One of the coaching strategies is to ask powerful questions.  You probably know what it means when someone asks you a question that causes you to think and take you to a deep place.

I have been given a powerful question to ponder for several weeks now.  It came from Robert Hicks, co-pastor in Wasilla and Palmer, and director of PLUME.  We were talking about all things theological and spiritual while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery when he said, "I think I am to the place in my life and ministry where I am looking forward to being shaped more by my mission field than by the Church."  Okay, so it wasn't a question.  But his statement prompted me to ask, "Am I being shaped by my mission field more than the Church?"

Then came another.  "How much time do I spend immersed in my mission field compared to my Church world?"  As one who has spent most of his life in the Church world I must say that it is daunting and scary to imagine me fully engaged in new relationships with people in my neighborhood.

But I am enjoying this time with these questions.  Who knew that Robert was coaching me in that hospital room?  Thanks for the powerful question, Robert!

Grace Always,

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