Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventure in the Mountains

I started to title this piece "Misadventure" but changed my mind.  Last week my adult son, Jeremy, and I drove to Trapper Creek, north of Talkeetna, for some spring snowmachining.  The day was absolutely spectacular!  Sunny and warm with perfect snow conditions with Denali and Foraker summits highly visible.

We were 17 miles into the backcountry when Jeremy's steering shaft snapped.  There was no way he could drive the sled back to the truck.  So we faced our reality as best we could.  With a tow rope we worked together to manuever up and down the hills, across creeks, and through alders.  Jeremy had to constantly use his brake and throttle to keep the tow line taut.  I had to shift my body to counteract the forces when he would slide to the side.

We didn't panic.  We talked about and scouted the best route.  And after several hours we made it back to the truck...and ran out of gas!

The preacher in me is tempted to make some spiritual connection to God with this story.  But I leave that to you.  All I know is that a father and son shared the bond of a risky adventure in the amazing beauty of God's creation.

God really is good all the time!


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