Monday, October 10, 2011

Party at Aldersgate

Aldersgate UMC in Juneau celebrated 25 years as an active presence of God's grace in action in the Mendenhall Valley last weekend.  I was there along with my wife, Kim.  She had never been to Juneau and I asked her to go with me as a birthday gift.  I also had not met Pastor Susan Boegli's husband, Ken, and daughter, Megan.  I was not able to find Megan for this picture but here is Susan and Ken after worship.
Another highlight for us was to see Fred and Sharon Cooper.  The Cooper's were instrumental in helping to launch Aldersgate back in the day.  Sharon is a retired diaconal minister whose music ministry and contemplative prayer ministry blessed Alaska for many years.  Fred is a retired Alaska state trooper who was the pilot for many of our governors.  Here is a clip of Sharon's sermon on Sunday.
And for those with a long history in the Alaska conference who know and remember the Cooper's, here is a photo.

Happy 25th, Aldersgate UMC.  You have a rich history and a blessed future if you stay focused on God and God's mission.

Grace Always,

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