Monday, October 31, 2011

Church Leadership Ideas

I subscribe to "Leading Ideas" which comes as a free resource from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.  The first article by Reggie McNeal is "Fast Forwarding Your Church's Community Engagement."  As we all rediscover what it means for our churches to missionally reengage with our communities this article is very helpful.  Reggie reminds us that one in five Americans are sure about their belief in God but never attend church.  So people are out there ready to be engaged about their faith.  Click here for the link.

A second resource is about asking good questions.  Author Debra Meyerson suggests some questions when fearing consequences of potential actions.

  • What might happen if you take this course of action?
  • What are the worst things that could happen?
  • Why are you afraid of these outcomes?
  • How bad would it be if feared outcomes materialize?
I offer these resources to you as Alaska lay and clergy leaders working to make disciples of Christ to change the world.

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