Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Native Storytelling Event

I believe that all human societies should make time to listen to the wisdom of people who lived for centuries in the land they now inhabit.  To be sure our God speaks to us through the stories and experiences of people who have learned to live in harmony with creation.

Last Sunday Charlie Brower, an Inupiaq man from Barrow, whaling captain, retired engineer and businessman, member of St. John, and chair of our Native Ministries Committee, asked several native American leaders from the lower 48 to share their stories.  About 100 children and adults gathered to listen and laugh as stories of native people were shared.  We were reminded of the importance of names, of the meaning of a special dancing dress with patches from service in Iraq, and of brokenness and healing.

I want to share some photos and to encourage our churches to observe Native American Sunday this year.  For resourcing go to http://www.umcgiving.org/site/c.qwL6KkNWLrH/b.3833863/

This video clip depicts an Alaskan flute played for the first time.

Grace Always,

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