Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Worship in Willow, Alaska

I had a wonderful opportunity to worship with Willow UMC. This vibrant, little congregation is so important to the Willow community. They understand their mission to be the light and grace of Christ for the people who live in the area. Even if they don't attend the church people know that they can count on Pastor Steve and Fran Lynch and the Willow UMC for firewood, rides to the doctor, food, insulation, prayer, and even a memorial service or wedding.

Sometimes it's the pastor who needs help. The night before Steve and BJ's generator shed with two generators burned to the ground. They had to come to the church to shower for worship. It was a member of the church who came in the fire truck in response to the call. And it was a member of the church who provided a generator for the Eldreds. What goes around, comes around.

Here's a brief clip of Pastor Steve leading congregational singing.

Small churches can and do make a difference for Christ in our world. Willow UMC is an example of such a faithful congregation.

Grace and peace,

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