Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spiritual retreat

I am at the Palisades retreat center in Seattle attending the five-day Academy for spiritual formation all this week.  It is an ecumenical, semi-monastic community of laity and clergy seeking God. I am hoping to keep my job title a secret. Just want to be Dave, beloved child this week. I would love to have you send me your churches prayer request so that I may lift them in prayer this week.   You can let me know your requests by replying to this blog.  All of our conference mission sites are in my prayers. 

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Julie's Journeys said...

Hi Dave,

Here are the prayer requests that came forth from worship and after church yesterday in Nome:


Praise God that Silas and Kendra Nichols-Takak will celebrate one week of marriage tomorrow! They were married Monday, February 15 on Waimanalo Beach on Oahu in Hawaii.

Praise God for birthdays in Caroline Reader's family - Ginny and Carl Emmons

Praise God that Jennifer Reader got to meet the doctor who will deliver her baby who is now due on April 15!!!


Lois Mance - former principal in the Nome Schools who just found out she has Multiple Myeloma.

Nora Appel - lifted up a friend with Thyroid Cancer

Miles Reader and Jackie Reader

John Baker - recovering from surgery

Patrice Shook

Tammy's Brother-in-Law & Diego's Brother who recently became a widower

Jim Moto's son, Gage, who got attacked by a dog yesterday. UPDATE - He had at least 10 stitched and is doing fine.

Ebba Sherman

Ruth Hair, cousin of Bertha Koweluk, who has cancer

Debbie & Toby Anungazuk, cousins of Barb Amarok

Linda Goershe', sister of Emma Goodwin

Robert Angnabooguk, having radiation treatments in Anchorage right now

Beth (Pond) Smit, former US-2 and resident of Nome from 1998-2002, who will be moving from Seattle to Minneapolis, MN with her husband, Steve, and their 5 month-old daughter, Grace. They begin their big move on March 1 for Steve to begin his new job on March 8 with Salem Radio.

All who are recovering from surgery or medical procedures.