Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Memorial Service Prayer

Today I attended the funeral for Alan Gage, the young husband and father of two, who died in the avalanche a few weeks ago. Alan was the husband of Dalon Gage, an active member and leader at St. John. Rev. Jo Ann Schaadt did a wonderful job of leading this service. Dr. John Dodson shared a prayer that I want to share with you. I thought others may want to copy and file it for future use.

Dear Lord,
We gather in this place of sacred worship to remember Alan Gage. We know him in many different ways as husband, father, son, relative, friend, leader in his work, lover of life, active sportsman, adventurer, a great encourager of people. Our lives will never be the same again and the pain of losing Alan is great. Alan found You best in his outdoor playground, observing the majesty and beauty of your creation around him. Alan found You when he gazed into his children’s eyes and felt the joy of their love. Alan found You when he was surrounded by his wife, friends and family.
Lord, we lost him too soon and we struggle trying to make sense of it all. Come, help us find understanding, bring to us comfort that goes beyond our pain. We need signs of your love and support. Help us to be those signs to each other in love and friendship. Allow us to continue to surround Dalon, Payton, and Jarrett with great love and support. Give us the wisdom to know how to connect with each other in ways that make a difference.
As first you gave Alan to us, now may You receive him with the joy of reunion. May he find in you the freedom to explore heavenly places. May we always remember Alan and his joy in Alaska and in his family and friends.
We give him to you while the joy he shared with us remains in our hearts. So help us now as we share the prayer your son gave us….Our Father

Grace and peace,

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