Monday, November 23, 2009

Willow/Nome/St. John


It was quite cold when I left Willow at night after their charge conference. -18! But it was a warm experience to be with this thriving church. This is a picture of BJ Eldred showing me her vast collection of hand stitched stoles and banners.

Pastor Steve Eldred and Fran Lynch work well together as they address the spiritual and physical needs of Willow residents. We would do well to remember that in Willow like many of our churches that important ministries are extended to people who may never attend a worship service. They, too, are God's beloved children.


It was colder in Anchorage than in Nome. I couldn't even bring my new Arctic parka. I am doing some basic training with all SPRC's that includes duties of an SPRC and church conflict. The Nome SPRC was particularly engaged with this which was fun. Pastors David and Julie Elmore are leading this church into some new ministries such as Tuesday school and their Monday night worship.

Julie is showing me around the Nome Community Center office in this picture.

I attended a meeting of their board and learned much about their many vital ministries.

St. John

I think the reason I did not take any pictures during my visit to St. John was nervousness. It was a bit weird to see myself as their superintendent when I had served for ten years as their pastor. But it was great to see old friends and to celebrate the ministries of St. John. This is a major year of transition with the change of a senior pastor, youth pastor, and business manager. Pastor John Dodson has fallen in love with St. John and is leading this church forward.

Next up is Chugiak UMC.

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