Monday, November 16, 2009

Unalaska/Anchor Park/East/Korean

Anchor Park/East
Pastor Jon Disburg leads a game for the East/Anchor Park joint charge conference. Check out the video clip.

Both churches have a parish nurse ministry led by Cathy Feaster. They also have a prayer ministry where people leave prayer requests in the "wall" and take others home with them.


I spent three days in Unalaska with no flight delays. Being with the Wilcox family was a delight. This small church plays a huge role in this rugged and remote community. We simply cannot be there without the mission support of so many United Methodists. They have a thriving Kids Night Out program every Wednesday for 20-30 kids who don't get Christian Education.

Rev. Won Kie Kim is the superintendent of the Korean Mission in the Western Jurisdiction. Our Korean UMC has two superintendents. I told them he was number one and I was number two. I did manage to say hello and thank you in Korean thanks to my iphone. I also encouraged us to overcome the language barrier to be in community with the AUMC.

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