Monday, November 9, 2009

Fairbanks and North Pole Visits

It was my privilege to conduct charge conferences at First UMC, Fairbanks, and New Hope, North Pole over the weekend. It has been a major adjustment for me to not preach/lead worship so I am grateful to Pastor Tom Telfer for the invitation to preach at all three services. This is one vital and energized church! I told them they should change their name to Fun UMC! Led by CE director, Clarice Moore, they had a Hee Haw theme complete with real corn stalks (Where did they get them?). Dozens of people popped up from the corn field and shared a ministry joy. We all shouted out, "Hee Haw!" I took a couple of video clips for you.

My experience at New Hope Presbyterian/United Methodist Church was a great joy as well. We celebrated their newly refurbished education wing. There are many blessings and challenges with being a union church shared with two denominations. Dr. Curt Karns from the Yukon Presbytery was present and having the two of us present was helpful for New Hope to continue to explore this important union. The video below is for you to see their new fellowship/dining room as our meeting was ending.

Happy to be in the AUMC!

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