Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hanging Out with Mom and Dad

I have just returned from a 7 day cruise with my parents, Bob and Louise Beckett, from South Carolina.  Kim and I thoroughly enjoyed being with them.  Being in their 80's meant they were not quick at anything except cards.  And Dad brought a cane to help with his back pain.  This came in handy when we were all able to go to the front of the line when checking in.

There were many laughable moments such as trying to enter what I thought was our room only to discover we were at the wrong end of the ship.  Or the time we were warned not to take any fruit off the ship and told about being arrested and fined.  When we disembarked there was a fruit-sniffing dog checking out everyone's bags.  Dad asked Mom about the raisins in her trail mix so she deftly walked a wide circle away from the dog.  We joked about having to bail her out of a Mexican prison for raisin smuggling!

But the best moment happened the night of our final day on board.  The four of us were sitting in the main atrium listening to a live band playing easy jazz.  During one song my Dad stood up, left his cane on his chair, and walked to Mom.  He didn't say a word but simply held out his hand.  She stood up and together they danced...the only ones to do so.  It was not a dance floor and people were watching, but they didn't care.  They just held each other and danced.

Thanks Mom and Dad for your faithful love of 64 years.  And thanks for nurturing your childlike adventurous spirit and allowing me to be part of it.

Grace Always,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave!

As always, its good to read your thoughts and reflections. Thanks for being a light!

Michael B