Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Balcony View

One of the great gifts of the superintendency is the view from the balcony of this amazing conference.  It is a view that feels lonely at times because no one else sees what I see in our churches across this great land of Alaska.  But I love what I see.  Part of my job is to share with you this vision of what God is doing in and through the people called United Methodists in Alaska.

For example, I see Pastor Charlie Brower in Nome connecting with native Alaskans in new ways.  I see First, Fairbanks responding to the call to mobilize others to be the hands of Christ in an emergency.  I see Christ First and Palmer learning how to start new missional communities.  I see Chugiak filling a need in their community to help people reuse unwanted stuff.  I see Anchor Park stepping up to become an anchor church for New Day Alaska.  I see First, Anchorage awarding grants from their foundation to strengthen Alaska ministries.  I see St. John starting new small learning groups where people are formed into disciples.

I see Ascent Alaska reaching out to people who need to know the God of creation.  I see the central Kenai churches offering serious education for laity.  I see Seward moving their ministry into the heart of downtown.  I see Homer extending the hospitality of Christ in the form of a regular free community meal.  I see our Juneau churches working together as never before with a shared youth ministry.  I see Sitka UMC growing in numbers.  I see First, Ketchikan offering grace and shelter to people at the edge.

There is so much more to see from the unique view of the balcony.  I invite you to climb the stairs now and then to see what I see...that God is alive and moving in the communities served by our 29 churches!

Grace Always,

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