Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prayer As Participating with God in Our Becoming

I have always struggled with prayer.  The scientist in me wants to think in linear terms, cause and effect, and observable data.  I have always searched for a construct or framework to think and talk about prayer.  I want to have a picture in my mind that prayer is more than a posture, more than words.  

Seven Alaska UM's are in our second year of the Academy for Missional Wisdom.  We are taking online classes and the current one is Missional Discernment and Disciple Formation.  In today's video our instructor, Jerry Moore talked about prayer as participating with God in our becoming.  This statement helps paint this picture that prayer is my participation with God in my becoming...like God...Christ like...holy...whole.  Every thought I have about God and self and world is prayer.  Every moment of reflection on the holy is prayer.  Every breath of gratitude is prayer.  It is so much more than a particular form.  It is not dependent upon whether my eyes are closed or if I am kneeling or bowing my head.  It is a way of life, a way of being.  

Grace Always,

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