Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Issues That Will Not Let Us Sleep

Last week I wrote about the sin of imprisoning children to be sex slaves around the world.  I am asking for our UM churches in Alaska to keep this issue before our congregations.

Another issue Anchorage residents will face on the April ballot is an initiative designed to provide equal rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation.  Currently, a lesbian can be fired for simply being homosexual.  If a restaurant owner were to refuse to interview a straight waiter, that prospective employee would have no protection.

The One Anchorage Initiative simply provides to gay and transgender Alaskans the same legal protections that are provided to Anchorage residents in employment, financial practices, housing, restaurants, and other businesses.  

What are the similar issues in your town?  In the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., what injustice can be seen through a God lens that demands prophetic voice and actions?  Where does our resolve to do something come from?  Not all UM's will feel the motivation to act on this issue in Anchorage.  I get that.  But as God's people we are called to look at life through a God lens.  Sometimes that view calls us to prayer, or to donate money, or to learning more.  But for some of us (and this means all of us at one time or other) it is a call to action.

I fully support this initiative in Anchorage and am working in concert with pastors to promote this issue.  It is because of my faith that I am compelled to act and work for justice.  And I encourage you to consider a justice issue in your community, one that may just move you to action.

Grace and peace,


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