Monday, January 9, 2012

Invitation to Prayer and Action

Isn't it interesting how stories of human suffering come into our minds and hearts?  We breathe a prayer and move on.  But every now and then it seems that God grabs our attention and we find ourselves wanting to do more than pray.  
Last Saturday I turned on the TV to look for a football game and locked onto an MSNBC special on how children are being forced to be sex slaves in Cambodia.  They were doing a follow up on four girls whom they had rescued five years earlier.  The transformation was astounding.  These teenage girls proudly wore their school uniforms and talked about their future.  One wanted to be a CEO.  Another wanted to be a doctor.  It was a testament to the power of healing love.
One California family of five saw the first special and were so moved that they sold everything and moved to Cambodia to provide a safe place for freed children to begin a new life.  Talk about being grabbed by God!

After the special I went to my computer and sent out this email to all Alaska clergy and asked them to read it to their congregations in worship during the prayer time.

"Next Sunday is Human Relations Day which is part of the United Methodist Church's effort to support community ministries that teach and advocate for justice, especially among people struggling to survive in the margins of society. As your superintendent I am asking you to pray for the world's children trapped in a dark web of human sex trafficking.  I am also asking for some of you to learn more about this evil so the light of God's love and justice can bring freedom and healing to children damaged and scarred."  

Pastors, if people come forward willing to learn and educate your congregation about this issue please refer them to these web sites.  Our UMW is working in this area as is General Board of Church and Society.  They recommend churches and organizations learn more about becoming a Rescue and Restore Partner.  

This issue has touched my heart and I encourage us all to shine God's light on this dreadful curse.

Grace and peace,


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