Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beauty in the Rocky Places

I haven't been able to play much golf this summer. Last week I played my first time at an Anchorage course with my sons. It was a gorgeous day and a course full of golfers. At one point the marshal drove by and told us to speed up. Immediately afterwards I spotted a large rock outcropping with some wildflowers growing. Should I ignore the urge I felt to stop and appreciate the beauty? Or should I listen to the marshal and keep going?

Here's the answer.

Are you experiencing some rocky times in your life? Is it hard to see the beauty growing in difficult soil? May God help us to slow down to really look at the amazing beauty even when we are tempted to see only the rocks, even when we are told to speed up through life.

P.S. I am reading a new book by Bob Farr called Renovate Or Die. My plan for August is to share parts of it with you in this blog. I think it will challenge and stimulate us all.

Grace Always,

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