Monday, January 10, 2011

Juneau Churches

My visit with the southeast UM churches was filled with learning about the many ministries of these vibrant churches.  This week I will feature the three Juneau churches and share about the southern most churches next Tuesday.

First up was Northern Light United Church with new pastor, Dr. Phil Campbell.  Phil and Teresa graciously hosted me for the three days in Juneau.  They don't have a charge conference but an annual meeting.  Rev. David Dobler, my counterpart from the Presbyterian Church was present.  Northern Light has a strong witness in downtown Juneau with advocacy on several social justice fronts.  They will receive their new youth director this month.  The video clip is of Phil giving part of his pastor's report.

Aldersgate UMC is out in the Mendenhall valley.  Led by Rev. Judy Shook this church has a story I have been telling across the conference.  After three families with leadership roles moved out of state they were hit hard financially.  They made the decision to pay their apportionments before the light bill!  Their faith was rewarded and they are a 100% church this year!  In fact all of the southeast churches are 100%!!  This photo is of their brand new sign.

Douglas UMC was next.  Rev. Cindy Roberts is their new pastor.  Cindy is bringing some new and fresh ideas for worship.  This church continues serving 50-70 school children in a high need area EVERY day of the school week!  This clip is of an opening song before the charge conference.  Notice the visual arts in the chancel.

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