Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It was an amazing weekend on the island visiting with the saints of Unalaska UMC and the Wilcox family.  There was virtually no wind the entire time!  Gorgeous white-capped mountains and calm seas.  Here's a photo of the ballfield which is leased by the church to the city.  Notice the parsonage with the green roof at the far end.
Turnover is very high at Unalaska with the fishing industry as the largest employer.  Pastor Dan Wilcox arranged for a tour of the crab processing plant which was fascinating.  Families move away quite often which creates many challenges for this small congregation.  They depend on Advance funds from other churches and conference support to keep going.  The Wilcox's are the only full time, resident pastoral family on the island.  Unalaska is one of our new Mission Congregations.  With this new designation we as an annual conference are saying that we want this ministry to be there and are willing to support it and help pay for it with our apportionment giving.

Among the many ministries Unalaska UMC has study groups, a new choir, Kids' Night Out, Internet cafe, Second Blessing, and more.  They recently installed a high tech projector in the sanctuary and plan to show movies for families on the island.  There is no movie theater at Unalaska.

Worship was sweet for me as I could gaze at the snow-capped mountains outside and watch the eagles diving and skimming the water.  Here's a video clip.

Grace and peace,

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