Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowmachines, Skiing, & Anchorage Korean UMC

One thing I learned early on as a rookie Alaskan.  I needed reasons to get outside in this amazing wilderness.  Now I could have stuck with hiking or kayaking.  But I am a man and am drawn to machines!  Motorcycling in the summer and snowmachining in the winter.  I think the reason I enjoy these sports is because they get me out of Anchorage.

Last Friday I took my son-in-law, Aaron Smith, to Turnagain Pass for his inaugural ride.  Sun was shining and the snow was fresh.  A wonderful time enjoying God's creation.

Saturday night was a bit of downhill skiing at Hilltop.  First time for Kim since her Achilles tendon rupture two years ago.  My first time on skiis for many years.  And it was great fun and not a single fall.

Sunday was spent at Anchorage Korean UMC.  All Korean UMC's in the Western Jurisdiction are supervised by Rev. Won Kie Kim, superintendent of the Korean Mission.  Everything was in Korean: worship, SPRC, church conference.  Rev. Kim translated some of it for me.  Here is a clip of their opening worship.

I did encourage them to become connected with other Alaskan United Methodists.

Next stop: Wasilla, Willow, and Palmer!

Grace and peace,

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