Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Moment at St. John

One of the gifts of my new role as superintendent was to sit with my wife, Kim, our two sons, and friend during Easter worship at St. John UMC, Anchorage. Rose McLean, was the preacher. She delivered a remarkable message that included the intriguing thought that Mary was committed to her grief. So much so that she was not able at first to hear the good news that he had risen. She helped me think about the ways I fail to see Christ's resurrection in the world around me because I cannot let go of my grief. I take this to mean my desire for sympathy, my anger, my attachments and addictions. To hear Rose's sermon click on

Pastor John Dodson gave the children's sermon. I just happened to record this video clip of a funny kid's moment.

I trust the joy of Easter will grace your moments to come.


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