Monday, December 14, 2009

Turnagain and Girdwood Chapel

Only two churches to share with you this week. But are they ever alive and vital!

Who says a gray-headed congregation has to act a certain way? Turnagain UMC even has a retired pastor, Dale Kelley, but are they ever alive! They are reclaiming their mission and purpose, changing and rearranging the building, and reaching out to their neighborhood with the Good News of Christ. They even have a new youth group with 15 teens and a new youth director, Drew Phoenix.

My apologies for not taking any pictures or video. I was too busy being inspired!

Girdwood Chapel
Two worship services, holy communion with a cantored liturgy, children everywhere, a mother bolting out of a pew holding a throwing up child, visual aids projected on the wall, holy excitement. This are some of my impressions with visiting Girdwood.
Here they are blessing each other in a benediction song.

They are hoping to be in their new building by spring. Water is hooked up thanks to a generous donation of labor from a contractor connected with the Turnagain church! This church is discovering new ways to be in mission in their community despite the building delays. Here is a clip of Girdwood saying hi.

Kim and I are flying to Ohio for Christmas. I hope you all find a few moments in your busy days to reflect on God coming to be with us.

Grace and peace,


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