Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Notes from Superintendent School: Ministry With the Poor

Wednesday – Ministry with the Poor

Wow! We heard the most amazing, inspiring presentation from Rev. John Edgar and Donita Harris, from Columbus, Ohio. They told their story of a 6 year old Church of All People, and their sister group, Community Development 4 All People.

Ways to be in ministry WITH the poor.
Book by Rudy Rasmus – Touch (good read)
Five C’s
1. Common Sense – be reasonable about your first encounters with poor
2. Commitment – passion to invest your time and energy
3. Collaboration – use community resources to partner
Needs assessment is not the first step. Identify assets. Good question to ask the poor: What are you hoping for? Key asset is to listen to peoples’ dreams.
4. Consistency – take what you need, share what you have. Myth of scarcity. There is a divine economy of abundance.
5. Contributions – cash or in-kind. Everyone has something to contribute.

Free Store was the beginning of what is now a huge community development. Main idea is to be with the poor. God does not call us to fix their problems, but to be with them and to hear their dreams and hopes.

I invite you to check out their web site:

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