Monday, August 24, 2009

Notes from Superintendent School on Leadership

Some of what I am learning at Lake Junaluska. This is from Gil Rendle on Leadership.

Management seeks to answer the question Are we doing things right?
Leadership seeks to answer the question Are we doing right things?

DS is asked for leadership but rewarded for management.

Convergent situation: question is same for everyone and answer is same for everyone.

Divergent is one which question is same for everyone but answers is divergent.

Cultural shift from convergent time to divergent time.

So many consumer choices that we are trained to deal with our preferences first. Going down cereal aisle with so many choices. Question is what do I need from a box of cereal?

Book of Discipline gives us more management information than we need.

In divergent environment you cannot make a decision that will not make some feel unhappy.

Leadership shift: not providing answers but asking good questions.

Best book: Ron Heifetz “Leadership Without Easy Answers.”

“We listen long enough to figure out what we’re going to say next.” -Covey

Leadership is about helping a community face its problems.

DS role is not to make churches happy with right appointments, but to meet our mission.

Superintendents walk boundary between local church and global church. We have the power of agenda. Schnase’s book is not magic. It gives people ways to have better conversations.

We need better stories.

More important to be appropriate than to be right.

Two settings leaders do their work: reactive space and balcony space.(doing vs learning).
Learn to ask questions about purpose not about problems.

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