Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Vision for Students Today

My graduate student daughter sent me this video about college life today. Pretty interesting video essay. I wonder what will change as a result of the igeneration. What do you think?




Leila said...


this is my first visit to your blog. It is wonderful. I especially love the video. A lot to think about. Looking forward to future blogs.

Anchor Park UMC and East Anchorage UMC

Jill said...

Dave ...
ok.. so I admit that I am not a 20-something anymore but soon will have college age kids. I loved this video - I am sending it along to some older teens that I know.

St John UMC

mindy said...

Well I couldn't resist looking, despite being way beyond the 20-something group...but found the video interesting and depressing and if I show it to my HS Junior it might sway her towards a smaller school for college. Going to the college fair this past week was overwhelming.

However I think this 20-Something group will be the ones to have the most influence on the topics of Darfur and other social issues that I feel our generation seems to ignore...maybe having witnessed VietNam and don't want to get involved again?

St. John UMC

dave said...

There is definitely something depressing about the video's message. But isn't that the way it is with any effort to illuminate reality? Facing a situation head on, exposing the raw reality is not pretty. But isn't it a vital step towards hopefulness and building a positive future?


Tim in VT said...


Good effort and concept re: the blog and sorry for intruding. Generational pressures change overtime, but they never disappear. The previous generation (ours) had pressures re: going to college, signing up for the draft/Vietnam, milking the cows at 5 AM before school, pursuing heretofore unacceptable careers (male nurses, female lawyers, etc.). The most meaningful help to most late teens and 20-somethings are how to manage stress and control expectations (their own and others expectations of them). I think Thoreau said "make yourself rich by making your wants few". I have no doubt there are plenty of examples in the bible that echo this sage advice.
Tim in VT (20-something times two!)
Wesley UMC, Waterbury, VT

dave said...


No intrusion on your part! Welcome to the dialogue. Seems every new generation tends to feel that their experiences of life are the first. No other older generation fully understands them. No other generation understands sex like they do. But this attitude is warranted to some extent. 20-somethings have been shaped by technology in ways no older group has.

I like your Thoreau quote. Limiting our wants is part of the key to a spiritually fulfilling life.

Thanks for writing.