Monday, October 22, 2007


In worship on October 21 we talked about change and the need to move from our left brain to our right brain. In other words, fact and information alone are not enough to motivate us to make changes in our lives. We need a story, an identity, something that elicits emotion.

If we are to reach young people in today’s modern culture we simply must find ways to translate the gospel message to a language 20-somethings will understand. It’s not unlike missionaries who learn the language of the people they want to reach. It is clear that young adults understand the language of the internet. With the encouragement of my 25 year old daughter I have begun a blog page. Its purpose is to engage young people’s questions. I hope to create brief video clips to post on the page that will respond to their questions. All of this is a step to help them transition into the doors of our church and discover this wonderful, grace-filled community of faith.

It’s all part of expanding our story, reframing our reality to include a new generation. I hope you will join me in making the necessary changes to continue our mission to make disciples of Christ and to be a welcoming family joyfully sharing God’s light.


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