Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Family Joy

My heart is full of joy for two reasons today.  I am still feeling the afterglow of the Alaska annual conference.  Celebrations of our leaders, meaningful worship, capable episcopal leadership, sad farewells, truth telling, and the most raucous reading of appointments ever!  I do hope we as an annual conference will become more than the fun we experience together.  I'm talking about the hard work of holding a mirror to our congregations so we can face our current reality.  In doing so we need to not allow the anxiety of our people deter us from our mission of disciple making.

The other reason for my joy is the news that one hour ago at this writing on Monday, June 3, our grandson, Camden Robert Keller, was born to Rob and Lauren Keller in Idaho Falls.  8.5 lb and 20.5".
As I look at his picture with eyes wide open I wonder who he will become as he grows.  What kind of world will help shape him?  What kind of grandpa will I be given that we do not live close?  Will his heart be open to the love and grace of God?

The common thread in both of these joys is faith community.  Let us celebrate it, nurture it, and create it for new people.

Joy Always,


Anonymous said...

Dave, wishing you and the entire family all the blessings that come with a new addition to the family. I know you will be a wonderful granddad and expect to see lots of pictures in the near future.
Betsy Doepken

Anonymous said...

Distance means nothing to the modern day grandparents and grand child. Modern technology draws us together into the living room together, with laughter and making funny faces. It's amazing how children know who grandparents are even when they don't see them everyday. They just know you're special. It's exciting times with the connection of our world. Prayers.