Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Listen to your Body

I spent an hour with a spiritual director this week to help me discern a decision.  One of the things she said to me was, "Listen to your body.  What is your body telling you about this?"

I appreciated the physicality of her question.  We tend to think of prayer as a mental or still activity.  We all have been told as children to bow our head, close our eyes, and fold our hands.  Be quiet when you pray.

The Alaska ecumenical leaders met recently for a retreat and I was struck by how these bishops and executives and pastors talked about their need to move when they pray.  How do you pray?  And do you need to move when you pray?  And what do you think about the idea of listening to your body during prayerful discernment?

Grace Always,

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Danette said...

pastor dave, what an interesting thought, the idea of moving with prayer. i guess i never really thought of it like that. i've done walking meditations or metta work, and when i move my body in hard ways, i sort of have a mantra of, 'healthy and strong, healthy and strong...' speaking aloud as i plod along. i have a hard time staying in prayer - my mind wanders. i wonder if i am doing it right. maybe adding movement will sharpen my focus, keep me on track...
it's worth a shot, for sure.

be well,

danette swan (your old friend from s.u.m.c)