Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Granddaughter Time

I love my granddaughter, Isabella Smith.  I also love my grandson who does not yet have a name and will take his first breath by the end of May in Idaho.  For the past five days while her parents vacationed in California 15 month old Isabella stayed with us.  There is something about being responsible for someone that makes you think about their needs and desires.  Does she need her diaper changed?  Is she eating healthy?  How is she sleeping? 

Spending time with her helps me to know her more deeply.  It's not just a family tie that binds us together, but a love that grows from knowing each other.  And for me it was helpful to know that Isabella needed me during these past five days.  I experienced her smile when I picked her up at day care.  I know that holding her by the window watching falling snow helps distract her from whatever was causing her to cry. 

Scripture tells us that God knows us inside and out, our yearnings, our temptations, our struggles.  God is more in tune with my needs and hopes that I was with Isabella.  Do we know this?  Are we aware that God is able to spend time with each of us 24 hours a day?  If this is to be a relationship then we need to spend some of this time with God.  Living in the present moment.  Time together leads to knowing each other. 

I will build on my time with Isabella this past weekend and our relationship will grow.  The more we come to know one another the more we will want to deepen our relationship.  Thank you, God, for the gift of knowing and loving Isabella.  You offer yourself to each one of us with the dream of being in relationship with us.

Grace Always,

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