Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Global Climate

Do you think the United Methodist Church at times fails to lead on some issues?  I am thinking of climate change around the world.  With all of the scientific data revealing to us that our planet is warming why are so many in a cloud of denial?  Or if denial is not the reason, perhaps inaction is a better term.

The recent super storm Sandy on the east coast is forcing some leaders to acknowledge the reality that something is going on.  We are experiencing too many severe weather events to ignore the fact that our climate is changing.  Perhaps this storm is the direct result of climate change but the data does not fully support such a direct causal effect.  As one scientist said, "I cannot say this storm was the direct result of global warming.  But global warming is increasing the odds of such extreme weather events."  (This is a loose quote as I saw this interview on TV.) 

God calls us to be stewards of creation.  Don't you think it is time we in the UMC ratchet up our rhetoric and alarm about the dire effects of global climate change?  Are our clergy planning a sermon on the topic?  Are we encouraging Christian education classes to study this phenomenon? 

United Methodists encourage the use of reason as one leg of the quadrilateral with scripture, tradition, and experience being the others.  It is a balanced way to seek God's will as we face the issues of human existence.  So let's use our minds, look at the objective data, and talk about the issues of creation care in our families and our churches!  Together let us seek the will of God and be out front as leaders.

Grace Always,

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