Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motorcycle Wave

Have you noticed that motorcyclists wave at each other on the highways?  I am fascinated by the evolution and biker social rules of the road.  The wave used to be up high with the hand like anyone would wave at someone.  Nowadays bikers wave at each other with a lowered hand.  Always a need to be different!

I used to ride a motorcycle.  I gave it up last year to support Aaron, my son-in-law, who sold his when he and Jenny had their first child, Isabella.  And it made my wife happy which is one of my main missions in life. 

I admit that I enjoyed the camaraderie of the biker wave.  The only part of what others saw of me was my bike and my wave.  Nothing else was visible behind the helmet and gear.  Today I see a biker wave and I have an impulse to wave at him/her.  And then I remember.  People won't wave at me because I drive a truck now!

But then I remember when I had a scooter.  Other bikers did not view me as an equal with them and most did not give me the biker wave.  Maybe someone should invent a scooter wave!  There are other cliques in the motorcycle community.  I met many owners of a certain brand (I won't say which!) who would not wave at me because I owned a different brand of bike. 

All this makes me think about Christian community and how we act in the world.  Are there people we avoid because we don't see them as a part of our "in" group?  Do we look down on some because they are not as smart or as gifted as we are? 

It's interesting that as more people ride motorcycles they are not waving at other bikers as much.  This is because there are simply too many of them on the road.  All I am saying is that let's be in the world as if everyone is a part of our group.  Everyone deserves a wave, a smile, a kind word, a whispered prayer.

Grace Always,

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