Monday, February 13, 2012

Generation Gaps

Last week at the Professional Church Worker's Retreat we heard generations expert, Amy Lynch, talk about how generational differences affect how we do church.  It was eye-opening for all of us as we began to understand, for example, why young people of the Millennial generation are not coming to our churches.  Rather than label a generation as being "lazy" or "old-fashioned" we learned to appreciate the forces that have shaped each generation.

I suggest our preachers consider holding a Generations Sunday where we all would address the topic in a sermon and find creative ways to get our generations to understand one another.  What if some churches invited Millennials who don't go to the church come and help us understand why they don't?  What if Baby Boomers talked about their optimism and understanding of endless youth?

The most important learning I received was that we need to eliminate the labeling and blaming across generations.  We need to appreciate the gifts of each as we strive to include all people in the work of God in the Church of Christ.

Grace and peace,

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