Tuesday, September 6, 2011


One of the aspects of local church ministry I miss is the creativity.  When I was pastor at St. John and overwhelmed with administrative functions I could visit the children in the preschool, or write a song alone in the sanctuary, or create a new visual for worship.

In my role as superintendent I do not always have these outlets.  This was driven home to me this past Labor Day weekend.  I had several projects planned at our little cabin in the woods north of Willow.  A combination of factors including rain made those projects undoable.  I was really looking forward to completing these projects so I was fairly grumpy when it did not happen.  So I went home and built a roof over part of our deck.

I was amazed at how my spirits lifted.  This roof project was the outlet I needed to express my creativity.

Maybe you are a person in touch with your creative spirit and you set aside time for art and creative projects.  Most of us however find it easy to push this part of us down in favor of checking off our to do lists.  And creativity is often not a part of our daily routine.

I know God can speak to us through the mundane administrative details of our daily lives.  But I am more open to hearing and seeing God when in a creative mindset.  Our God is a Creator God.  Thanks be to God who gifts us with creativity.

Pray for Kim for patience to deal with a husband seeking creative home projects!

Grace Always,

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