Monday, August 1, 2011

Downgrading My Life

"It won't happen to me." In one way or another we all have likely lived with this attitude, at least at a subconscious level. I have seen the news reports of traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers and witnessed advocates bringing this issue into the national spotlight. We all know that we should not drink and drive. Now the mantra is don't drive distracted! People can die. Last week I saw the ultimate example of distracted driving. A father was feeding his baby in the back seat while driving! It's making me angry because now I don't feel safe on the roads.

But how do I contribute to the plethora of distracted drivers? I have an iphone that keeps me connected with people. While stopped at a red light it is so easy to touch a couple of buttons and check my email. But then I hear what I truly believe to be the voice of God whispering, "It could happen to you." Would I ever be tempted to give attention to my phone while driving? I shiver at the thought that my distracted driving could someday cause injury or death to someone. So I have decided to downgrade my smart phone to a "dumb" phone, one that mostly is used for conversation with people.

At a store one clerk said, "Why would you want to downgrade?" After my response she said, "No one has ever come in here to downgrade before." I hope she hears it more often as people make proactive decisions to reduce the distractions in their lives. I have decided to give up my iphone this week. Less distraction. Less money. Less risk on the roads.

It is a way to simplify my life. A way to create a bit more space for conversation with God. I am truly looking forward to the changes it will bring.

Grace Always,

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