Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today marks the end of an 8 day trip to Seattle and Idaho. The front end was a meeting of representatives from PNW, Oregon/Idaho, and Alaska conferences to being our work to prepare for September, 2012, when we will share one bishop. I will be asking Alaska leaders to weigh in on specific questions very soon as we continue our work. We are hoping to leverage this as an opportunity to enhance the mission of Christ in the northwest.

Then I flew to Boise and drove to Idaho Falls to visit my daughter, Lauren, and husband, Rob and help them install flooring in their new home. The big joy for me was to watch Lauren teaching her kindergartners. Kim and I tried to raise our four kids in such a way that we would be good friends as adults. I thank God for such times.

Then it was back to Seattle where I joined the PNW cabinet. I appreciate their including me from time to time. It makes me feel less isolated when I am with them.

Looking forward to coming home!

Grace Always,

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