Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beware of an Invitation to Snowmachine with the Superintendent!

I am seeing something of a pattern.  Bad things are happening when I have invited Alaska clergy to go snowmachining with me.  Last year I picked up Robert Hicks in single digit weather and we drove to Hatcher Pass for a ride.  Not!  The area was closed. 

Last weekend I picked up Peter Perry for a ride in Willow.  After a flat trailer tire that came off and rolled down Muldoon Rd. we finally made it out of Anchorage after 3 hours.  Then the sled I brought for him wouldn't start.  Then the key broke in the ignition.  Then my sled started leaking antifreeze on the trail at -10.  At one point it even sprayed through the hood (cowling) directly into my face which greatly amused my riding buddies.  Do you know antifreeze tastes sweet?

Now both sleds are in the shop and I have to cancel the ride I promised to Richard Whetsell tomorrow.  Maybe you should be very thankful, Richard!

I have always used older snowmachines.  I'm not a high marking rider who tries to zip up mountains without triggering an avalanche.  I stay away from steep slopes.  But the main reason I ride is that it gets me out of the house and into God's winter wonderland.  I love everything that the experience brings, even when things go awry.  Riding is not a solo sport.  People do it with other people. 

Living the life of a disciple of Jesus is not a solo endeavor.  We need the fellowship of the community of faith to be fully formed into the image of God.  There will be breakdowns and delays and detours as we head down the trail.  If we are able to let go of our destination modes of journeying through life we come to realize that the detours and delays are every much a part of our journey.

Grace Always,



Anonymous said...

It was fun seeing Dave enveloped in the steam coming from his anti-freeze soaked snowmachine engine. It was a cloud of Biblical proportions! Be very wary of a snowmachine invite from our beloved leader... For the record while Dave was attempting to repair the engine with tools, I was relying on prayer. I think both of these things may be the reason the machines are now in a shop.

Leila Disburg said...

Dave, perhaps a pair of snowshoes would be better. They don't have flat tires or lead antifreeze. It can be done with others and get you out in nature.

bewasser said...

Well, I for sure won't go with you at -10 degrees. Been there done that, and don't you know antifreeze is poison? I am moving you to the top of my prayer list, having hawled too many out of the hills. LOL However, don't let a few problems stop you Head for the hills and hit the powder. Maybe a few prayers will make things better with that extra rider. JW