Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Staying in Touch

Several things to share with you today.

Welcome Dr. Phil Campbell, new pastor of Northern Light Church in Juneau.  Phil and Teresa moved from Denver where Phil was a professor at Illiff Theological Seminary.   You can send them a welcome note to campbelpe@aol.com.

Fall Rendezvous is next week.  I am looking forward to being with our lay and clergy leaders in Anchorage.  New clergy orientation, Friday worship workshop with Marcia McFee, and the important work of our committees Friday and Saturday.  Bishop Hagiya will bring us an update after dinner on Friday on the 2012 realignment plan of episcopal areas.

We are finding ways to use our new video communications system.  Alaska Children's Services used it to interview CEO candidates.  Clergy taking the Interim Pastor Training used it to check in with their projects.  Leila and I are using it to keep in touch with pastors across Alaska.  You are encouraged to sign up for a free Oovoo account.

Please know that I pray for you all on a daily basis. 

Grace and peace,

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