Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4 in Seward, Alaska

I just love being in Seward on July 4 for the Mt. Marathon race and festivities. It is such an Alaskan event steeped in history. Ever since Duane Chase and family lived in the parsonage our family has camped out on the lawn to cheer for the runners, catch up with old friends from the Kenai, see Anchorage folks, and eat of course.

It also happens around the time of the first Sunday when a new pastor arrives. Rev. Paul Caseman jokingly tried to charge me for the spot. I reminded him who arranged for him to be in Seward and Moose Pass!

Here's a short clip of the race that ends with Paul and Patti watching. Patti is the one with a bag of kettle popcorn. She and I discovered a mutual addiction to the snack!

Grace and peace,


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