Monday, May 24, 2010

Motorcycling to Moose Pass

I had the opportunity last weekend to preach at Moose Pass and Seward while Peter Perry was leading a family wedding in Nevada.  The sun was shining on Saturday afternoon in Anchorage and although it was cool (50 degrees) I decided to venture forth on my trusty Suzuki motorcycle.

I've driven the Seward highway hundreds of times over the past 18 years but never with the view afforded by a motorcycle.  It was spectacular and exhilerating!  Motorcyclists have created an award for those hardy souls who can ride long distances.  It's called the Iron Butt award.  I'm here to tell you that there is no iron in my butt.  I had to stop frequently along the way which was fine with me and my stiff body.  I tried to find Jim and Kay Shock's cabin near Moose Pass but couldn't find it and ended up on an ATV trail.  All part of the adventure!

In Seward John Dodson, interim pastor of St. John, was there to speak to a large group of Boy Scouts.  So he and I enjoyed dinner and hanging out together at the Seward parsonage.

Riding to Moose Pass early Sunday morning was quite the chilling experience.  It was great to see Rev. Chuck Young and the congregation there.  Back on my bike and I walked into the Seward church 2 minutes before 11.  People are not happy that Peter and Karen are leaving them but they understand our system and are looking forward to welcoming Paul and Patty Caseman.  Life is full of transitions.  One woman told me that she will look forward to visiting St. John when she travels to Anchorage.  I told her she could see if Peter was preaching any Seward sermon reruns!

Life and ministry in the Alaska conference continues to be full of adventure and joy because of our Pentecost God who fills us with Holy Spirit love!

May the Fire burn in your heart!

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